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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London (I have a ticket!)

newbanner1Woot! Super excited to share I have a ticket to the very first FFXIV Fan Festival in London! For readers not up to date with the FFXIV news, Square have organised 3 fan festivals in Japan, Las Vegas and London. The capacity is extremely limited and it was a nervous wait to see whether I’d actually be able to get a ticket but I’m pleased to say I did along with a group of friends who I play in game with so it’ll be sure to be an amazing day. To top it all off its on the same weekend as the MCM Expo!

VIP tickets were also available for the event which included dinner/meet and greet with the dev team. I was gutted not to have secured a ticket after the checkout crashed on me but at least I’ll be able to report back on the main day. I’m estastic to have the oppotunity to even be at the main event.

If you’re an active FFXIV subscriber, I believe tickets are still on sale. You should have an email with a unique presale code. For those not subscribed I believe general sale should start towards the end of the month. More details can be found on the Lodestone here.

The official EU Fan Festival site will be updated with all the events closer to the date. I am so excited!



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  1. How did you find the festival? I loved it! I didn’t do very well on the bucking behemoth though… I only got about 20 seconds, haha! And didn’t manage to get into Odin. At least I got to do the roulette though. I got Titan, but the group we were in didn’t manage to do it. And one of group was forced to use keyboard when she had only played on controller. Still, it was great fun! 😀

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