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Tales of the Abyss Luke fon Fabre Alter Statue


I have been a massive Tales of the Abyss fan since playing it on 3DS (living in the EU means I never had the chance to play it originally on the PS2). It took me a long time to really become absorbed in the game because Luke is such an idiot for the first arc but once he learns the error of his ways he becomes a really likable character. In fact he is one of my favourite Tales characters due to the massive change and development of his character over the course of the game.

Photo of the box.

Photo of the box.

It took me quite some time, but I finally caved and brought the Luke statue by Alter. I unfortunately wasn’t aware of these Alter statues when they were first released so I missed out on Luke when he went on sale originally. I won’t lie, I spent a fortune on him as I had to buy him second-hand. That being said he is the finest Alter statue I own.

To begin, the statue is 1/8 scale and is supplied with two heads. One long haired version with narrow eyes and the short haired version with wider eyes. They look like completely different characters but I should stress they are true to the game: that is exactly how he looks. His sword slips easily into his hand without having to unattach parts which is a bonus. The statue has a solid base which has a nice weight to it unlike other Alter’s I own (Yuri, Milla and Jude photos to come!). As always, the sculpt and paint job is faultless. It really is just like he has leapt straight out of the game.

Long hair version.

Long hair Luke.

Short hair version.

Short hair Luke.

Due to the events in game, I much prefer the short hair version (despite most people I know rating the long hair version best). I did try to convince myself to display Luke with long hair but I just couldn’t bring myself to. One friend even commented that the short haired Luke’s eyes look girly but that isn’t true. The short hair Luke’s eyes are more consistent with Yuri and Jude’s eyes than long haired Luke. I really wish I could just swap the hair but alas the whole head has to swap out to change them.

There isn’t much more I can say about Luke other than I absolutely love him. All Alter’s I own have been faultless and of the higest quality. Even if you aren’t into Tales, I highly recommend investing in an Alter statue if you have the chance.

I will add some more photos when I get the chance. These were taken quickly as I unpacked it.

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