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FFVIII Sleeping Lionheart Necklace (2003)


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated. I’ve been pretty wrapped up with life and haven’t been spending as much on merch recently (well not as much as before anyway!). I was randomly browsing Ebay a week or so ago and to my surprise a recommendation popped up with a geniune Squall’s necklace. I almost imploded. It was on a pretty low price and was ending the same day. For those who didn’t know, the EU Square Enix store where I usually buy my jewellery has been down since Winter 2012 due to a hack on the Japanese site. Square have been rebuilding the sites very sloooowly but there is still no sign of the EU store (or the US one for that matter). This makes it extremely difficult to aquire this official jewellery at the moment without importing from Japan (or France, yeah for some reason they get their own site which won’t ship to the rest of Europe >.< ).

Anyway, I sniped this necklace and to my surprise no one bid me up. I mean, I know it’s worth £100+ easily but I won it for £40 delivered. I have no idea quite how it happened, I’m still in shock about it myself. It must have flown under the radar and got caught up with all the fakes. Now I’ve received it I can confrim with 100% certainty that it’s the real deal.

This necklace is one of the first designs Square made so the box is a bit outdated compared to the more recent ones. It’s hard to say what, but the ‘feel’ of the papery material is a bit different and there aren’t the official silver stickers which line the newer ones. There is also no certificate of authenticity but I’m not sure whether it’s due to being brought before they had those little slips included or whether the original owner lost it. I’m not too concerned though as my Loveless Locket didn’t have one either.



The necklace itself it really, really nice which was a complete surprise. I’ve been a bit put off mens necklaces since getting Tidus’s and Snow’s ones but Squall’s has instantly become one of my favourites. It’s up there with Serah’s pendant at the moment. I was expecting to look cheap (like Tidus’s) and be really chunky like the fakes are (I do have a fake Lionheart necklace for reference). In fact it’s the complete opposite. The actual Griever part is very thin. The thickest part in the centre is approximately 6mm but the rest is roughly 3mm, give or take 1mm at parts. The silver has an ‘aged’ effect around the crevices which really adds to its character.

It's so beautiful!

There is so much detail on this pendant.

The thing I was most worried about this necklace was the leather strap instead of a chain. I really didn’t think I’d get on with it but after seeing it I’ve been converted. The leather strap is thin and looks classy. Before getting this version of Squall’s necklace I almost imported the black silver version from Japan due to the fact it had a chain instead of leather. Now I fear the black silver version of this pendant may have a chunky chain like Tidus’s and Snow’s pendants so I’m actually really pleased I’ve ended up with the cheaper silver version. It’s just a shame I didn’t get Tidus’s X-2 pendant which had a similar leather strap to this instead of the silver chain!

Leather strap.

Leather strap. I’m assuming it’s real leather.

I must admit, when I tried to put this necklace on I was really surprised it required to be tied. I didn’t realise this at first. I kind of assumed the silver ‘parts’ on the end of the leather clipped together but that isn’t the case. They are simply decorative and stop the pendant from coming off the strap (that’s another point, you cannot remove this necklace from the strap so no transferring to an actual chain). Usuaully I dislike this kind of thing, I hate the idea of it being able to fall off. However the advantage is that the strap is very long. I’m not even joking, if I tied them at the ends the necklace would be halfway down my body. Being able to choose a custom length for the pendant is a nice idea as I can probably get away with wearing two FF necklaces if I adjust the length correctly. Currently I have managed to tie a tight knot in it so I can just slip it over my head when I want to wear it. I’d say the only issue is that the ends of the leather strap trail down my back.

Decorative ends of the leather strap. These don't clip together as I previously thought!

Decorative ends of the leather strap. These don’t clip together as I previously thought before purchasing it!

Overall I’ve been really impressed with this necklace and I’d recommend it very highly. It works on so many levels:

  • Price (for me anyway XD, it’s definitely worth it at full price too imo).
  • Iconic design so you’ll be instantly noticed by other fans.
  • Unisex: It would work for both men and woman as it isn’t too chunky.
  • It looks quality: I don’t think people are going to mistake it for a fake. There is too much detail in the pendant.
  • It’s one of the best pieces Square have made. I’m not kidding either!

If you don’t own this and are a fan of FFVIII then you should seriously hunt around for one. It’s definitely worth it!


    • Sorry, I love it too much to part with it 😦 The only place you’re really going to get one of these currently is importing from the Japanese Square Enix site using a middleman service such as Rinkya. You’ll be hit with commission and fees but usually these services allow you to mark the price down for shipping so you could avoid a hefty customs charge to balance things out.

      You might be able to get a better deal than the Square store if you purchased from Yahoo Japan Auctions (Japan’s equivalent of Ebay). I’ve seen quite a few rare pieces go for very cheap such as XI Tidal Pendant, Yuna’s Pinky Ring and Vaan’s Necklace; items I rarely see on Ebay. Again, middleman services such as Rinkya let you bid here.

      You could wait it out and see if the US or EU Square Enix store are ever revived, or if you have any friends in France or Belgium they may be able to buy one (the only place Square have bothered to revive their online store but it doesn’t ship anywhere else).

      A guy on the Final Fantasy forums I use was selling some jewellery several months ago but she isn’t an active member so I can’t vouch for her credibility. Contact/buy at your own risk: http://www.finalfantasymerchandise.com/blog/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=8143

      Lastly all I can suggest it waiting it out on Ebay. Gems like this don’t come up often but they are there. Set up alerts for it using several different keywords. You will have to sieve through the fakes unfortunately but you never know, you might get lucky ^__^

      As a note, this necklace sold for around the £120 mark on the EU Square store so you’re unlikely to get it for any less than that. What happened to me with Ebay was crazy. I’ve never seen FF jewellery go for low and the poor seller must have made a massive loss. I think you’d have to be extremely lucky for that to happen again.

      Good luck hunting for one. It might take a few months but so long as you’re patient and keep searching one’ll pop up eventually :]

  1. Sheldon

    thanks for the info though, i guess i will have to keep on hunting and yeah Im gonna try those sites like you said, never knew about Japan yahoo

    haha in any case, that is a really lucky catch!! congrats on getting that for that price!! *jealous*

    • While that is very true; this is not an exact replica of the one Squall wore, it is still made, liscensed and sold by Square Enix making it an official item. They don’t make a necklace in the exact style Squall wore in game.

  2. Miles

    Hey there! I’m thinking about selling my sleeping lionheart necklace, but I’ve been out of the loop on merch for…some years, haha. Do you know what these necklaces go for now? Where do the cool kids sell merch these days?

    (Also, any chance you know what these retailed for? I’ve been trying to figure it out as a point of reference, but no dice.)


    • You have a couple of options. You could either join some FF groups and sell direct to fans or sell on Ebay. The necklace was around £120 at retail in the UK and I’d say jewellery pieces don’t really increase much in value. They are so expensive to begin with that you’ll find it hard to sell for a big profit.

  3. littleguy

    Excellent post. Do you know where you can buy one of these at -any- price? I can’t find any on the Square Enix store or on eBay.

    • I believe they did, but its been so long since I looked into it that I can’t recall for sure. If what I’m thinking of is official, it’s super rare.

  4. Jake

    Just sniped a black silver one on eBay for $35, along with a Chinese knockoff. No chain, but that isn’t a big deal, as I already have a sterling silver curb chain ready to be worn in the classic style that Squall wore his in.

    Thanks for the high-res photos. It allowed me to compare the markings on the back and confirm it was the real deal (I didn’t have much doubt to begin with as knockoffs of the new style look horrid in comparison).

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