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2nd Year Anniversary


Wow, doesn’t time fly! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started this blog. I can’t believe how much my collection has grown over that time either. The past year has been a biggie, what with it being the 25th Anniversary of the series with the release of all those ‘mega-sets’ (Ultimate Box, Ultimanias, Vinyls, The Sky). I’m hoping my wallet will get a break this coming year although that doesn’t seem too likely since I’ve been taken in by the Trading Arts Mini line and Square are remaking some of their older Play Arts lines such as VII:AC and X. Not to mention the new announcement of the Final Fantasy Variant line which includes Warrior of Light so far. So many things to buy – such little time and room!

While in previous years XIII has really dominated the vast amount of my money, I think FFVIII has been my biggest Final Fantasy this year. I actually only got round to completing it this year (yeah I was very behind wasn’t I!?) and I’ve picked up a whole load of merch from that game. In particular the Amano prints, Seifer Vs Odin statue, Play Arts Arms: Squall’s Lionheart weapon and the Sleeping Lionheart pendant. I really hope I can get the remaining Transcendant statues this coming year ;D (that doesn’t look good for my wallet does it!?)

It’s also been great being able to branch out into other series I love like Mass Effect, Tales and Zelda. I don’t plan on giving these up (well perhaps Mass Effect for now). I’m planning on expanding into Fire Emblem and Tomb Raider in the future too so keep an eye out on my posts.

It has been a pretty epic year. I  hope you’ll all keep reading and commenting and I’ll -try- to keep updating as frequently as I purchase things (I can’t make any promises though with the way I spend my money!)

One comment

  1. Ferran

    This is just the beginning Aimme and I’m sure your collection will keep growing as time passes.

    As you say this has been one hell of a year with the 25th anniversary and all the expensive merchandise that went out for sale. Very nice and limited articles thought, so pretty worth it.

    Keep going. Kind regards 😉

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