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Play Arts Arms VIII/X

Just a quick post. I’ve managed to nab a Play Arts Arms VIII/X set finally and just had to share. It includes the final weapons for both VIII and X Play Arts figures: Squall’s Lionheart, Selphie’s Strange Vision, Tidus’s Caladbolg, Yuna’s Nirvana and Auron’s Masamune.  The weapons looked far better than I thought they would and have a sturdy build. Squall’s and Auron’s in particular have a really nice scale (read big) which is a bonus Square are remaking their older lines. Tidus and Yuna from X have already been confirmed and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that VIII gets a reboot too. It’s likely these remakes will be slightly bigger than the previous Play Arts so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these weapons will be useable on the Kais.

Unfortunately it had a limited release so it’s like gold dust. If you see one at a low price don’t hesitate to grab it. I can only see this getter rarer in future.

Sorry for the limited photos, I had more but I must have accidentally deleted them and I’m not home at the moment to take anymore 😦

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