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Memorial Ultimania Collection

I was really fortunate that I managed to get ahold of this Ultimania set. I ordered direct through Square Enix’s Japanese e-store with the help of a Japanese friend of mine. Ordering direct ensured I got the exclusive preorder bonus – the slipcase for all 3 books to live in!


I’ve never owned an ultimania before. I used to avoid them because as I couldn’t speak Japanese they were quite useless to me. The only reason I actually picked this up was because I thought it would be a nice addition to the 25th Anniversary merch I already own. It turns out this could be one of the best pieces of 25th Anniversary merch available.

The set includes 3 volumes, each you can purchase seperately if you are only into a particular game or era. Volume 1 includes FFI-VI, Vol 2 is VII-IX and Vol 3 is X-XIV. No spin offs are included but I do recommend each volume very highly. Each game has its own dedicated section which some info about the story, character trees, character sections (inc concept art), monsters, extra bits such as vehicles, weapons, environment concept art etc. A lot of the content is concept art which makes it worthwhile even for those who don’t read Japanese (like me!). I’ve taken lots of photos and uploaded them below.




The books are all hardback with a shiny sleeve/cover around them. They are A4 size (or close to it) so they are pretty hefty. You can see just how thick they are from the photos! All 3 books with the case weighed 5kg so they are pretty heavy too if you’re planning on importing them. The case is also very durable and high quality. It seems very sturdy and houses the books perfectly. These are a top product from Square and a must for any FF fan.

There are more photos in the gallery below and also check out this thread on FFM, a Final Fantasy forum for even more!

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