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Final Fantasy Super Fan Contest Results!

In December the results for the Final Fantasy Super Fan contest were revealed. For those who haven’t been keeping up with it, fans submitted 60 second long videos to panel of Square Enix judges and they picked the best 25 of the pack to go forward for the public vote. All countries were grouped into one contest and these included Japan, USA, and some selected European countries such as UK, Germany, Spain and France. There was a lot of foul play during the public vote with members being able to vote multiple times. A couple of people took advantage of it, skewing the contest in my opinion. However the person who won (Randis) did deserve it so regardless of the flawed voting system so everything worked out. Sadly I didn’t win – I actually came fairly near the back of the pack but my video wasn’t that good and I am just so pleased to have gotten so far in the first place.

I received my runner up goodie bag just before Christmas. A large box was delivered and I must admit I was expecting quite an array of merch (cheap or promo merch obviously). I ripped off the brown paper to reveal a standard brown box with a nice promo 25th anniversary card sleeve wrapped around it. I opened up the box swiftly to find only a Vol 3 Creatures set and the 25th anniversary chocobo. I must admit I was a little disappointed as I already owned both and I was expecting something a little special from a company as massive as Square Enix. It’s not the value of the items, I was just hoping for something more exclusive. There was a letter thanking me for the support which was a nice addition although it was a shame they weren’t personalised. Photos are in the gallery below anyway.

I’ve heard there might be another contest next year so there is pleanty of time to prepare for the next one – hopefully Square will have ironed out the bugs with the voting system by then too.


  1. Don’t be disappointed with the prizes. I would of preferred something more “special” but must of been tough for SquareEnix to chose something that would make happy all the participants. If I where you I would frame the letter.

    Oh and if you are willing to sell your other copy of the chocobo plush contact me!

    • Thanks for the comment ^.^ I am planning on framing the letter as that’s probably the best thing there for me. I’m really pleased to have gotten through to the top 25 but I suppose when thinking about a goodie bag I kind of expected more than 2 items. I was thinking more along the lines of what the Square Enix Members Ultimate prizes were in the US and Japan. Imagine a 25th Anniversary plaque! XD Such a missed oppotunity!

      Anyway I’ll send you a message regarding the Chocobo plush on the forum.

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