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Final Fantasy Super Fan Contest Final Stage!

Omg, I could implode right here right now! My video actually made it to the final 25. I never thought this would happen!

My video ~ Eros-Lanith

This is the entry I submitted for the Final Fantasy Superfan contest. I made it in a rush due to the 300 entry limit. I wasn’t home when the contest began so had to rely on photographs I had taken, hence parts of my collection have been left out.

I started playing Final Fantasy about 11 years ago and it has really influenced my life and broadened my imagination. Its funny but I feel like I’m living in a daydream all the time. Some would probably say that’s not very healthy but it’s what I love: letting my imagination running free all the time. I channel a lot of this into role plays and stories I write.

I only really started collecting merchandise seriously about 6-8 months ago. I used to collect some bits before that and built up a very big XIII collection when it launched but its only recently I’ve been spending big money on statues, the more expensive Play Arts and first print OSTs etc. Because I was pretty late to the merch party I’ve missed out on so much and it’s super expensive to get the rare bits but I’m getting there slowly.

Winning this would be like a dream come true to me so please, if you have a spare vote and don’t know who to give it to I’d love you eternally if you put it towards my entry. I’ve never won a contest before in my life and it would be truly amazing if the first thing I were to win were FF related!

Here is the voting page.

Thanks for taking time to read this xxx


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