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Final Fantasy Super Fan Contest

-squeeeee- Square have just launched a contest to find the Final Fantasy Super Fan! I could have imploded right there on the spot when I found out. I consider myself up in the Super Fan league when it comes to Final Fantasy, it’s just a shame only one fan can win this awesome title :/ I was going to come up with some elaborate video but then I read Square Enix’s entry rules more carefully…

Only the first 300 videos submitted between October 18 – October 26, will be considered when selecting the finalists.

So I panicked and threw together all my photos in a video mess. Hopefully I’m not the only one who has done this so I’m on equal ground ^.^;; I don’t think my video is too bad, I just hope Square are wow’ed by my dedication to collecting and weren’t looking for deep meaningful things about how FF has changed their lives. I mean, of course FF has changed my life but I’m not too good with words and coming up with unique and moving paragraphs to express myself.

In the rules it also stated the video had to be 60 seconds long which is absolutely nothing. I will post it after the deadline ends. I’m really praying I get through to the voting stages!


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