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Aerith Sculpture Arts

Hng! It has finally arrived!!! I’ve had my eye on this for months and it has -finally- arrived! I ordered this off a guy from The Shadow and the Flame forum which mainly focuses on LotR, Star Wars or movie merch but I fortunately got this little beauty at a bargain price (against prices I’ve seen her sell for on Ebay and other places anyway ^^;; ). Alright so obviously not cheap, she cost my £300 inc. shipping from America to the UK (I fortunately got through customs without a charge). Anyway this sculpture was released a few years back before I was spending big money on FF merch. The detail is truly fantastic! The statue comes in two parts; the altar is made from polystone (? I think). Either way it is really heavy. Aerith is attached to the transparent green lifesteam light, both of which are plastic and are much lighter than the base. This piece slots into the alter base very easily.

My Aerith’s hands are slightly odd in the photos (you’ll see what I mean when you take a look below). She is extremely small (roughly the size of a Trading Arts) so its only noticable in the photographs. I don’t have many photos right now but I will add many more when I get the chance. I’ll also try to give you some size comparisons.

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