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FFIX Zidane & Vivi Banpresto Diorama

I finally managed to pick up the last Banpresto diorama! For those who don’t know Banpresto made three FFIX themed dioramas which were only available in UFO (claw) machines in Japan. My other two aren’t boxed but this one is. I was surprised at how nice the box it, in photographs I felt they looked poor but actually it’s a lot nicer in person.

The diorama itself is just as lovely as the others. At first glance it may come across that Zidane is shouting at Vivi but I actually think Zidane is just overzealous when giving Vivi tips and suggestions. My only complaint is that you can’t really see the characters faces but it is a lovely diorama nevertheless. There isn’t much IX merch about so I am really pleased to own this wonderful little gem.

Zidane & Garnet Diorama
Zidane & Steiner Diorama


  1. Kaysi

    Im curious how much you spent on these? I have the full set as well that I bought a long time ago that Im thinking of selling but ebay has been no help. Set is really cool but if the price is right you gotta take it.

    • Don’t be fooled by the crazy sellers on Ebay trying to sell these three together for £200+. When I was buying mine a few months ago the price ranged from £10-25ish. I saw 3 lots of Zidane & Steiner and 3 lots of Zidane & Garnet all go between these prices, varying packaging but there were some sealed ones within those prices too. I’ve only seen Zidane & Vivi sell once and I brought it at the time. That was about £30 sealed but I had a bit of a bidding war with someone which pushed the price up. Things might have changed by now as I haven’t been keeping an eye on them.

      Good luck selling yours 🙂

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