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FFIX Play Arts Vivi

I brought all of my FFIX figures together from Ami Ami and this instantly became my favourite set from the Play Arts series. Vivi is an unusual character so making an articulate figure of him must have been quite a challenge for Square and they did an excellent job. From the textures and detail on his clothes to his large wizard hat, it is as if he has just jumped right out of the game.  He is very short compared to the others but I love how his legs can actually let him take a sitting position (something I have struggled to get any of my other Play Arts to do). He has also been made so his staff attaches onto a pin on his hand (a design I much prefer over many other figures which require clicking the weapon into the hand). Check out some of the photographs below to get an idea of just how cute this little figure is!

For the record, the IX series may have the Play Arts name but in my opinion they have all the quality (if not more) than the Kai series. They are a bit shorter than other Play Arts but don’t let that put you off. Square saved the best to last with these little gems!

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