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FFIX Zidane & Steiner Banpresto Diorama

It has taken me years to get this diorama! I had seen them floating around on the net ages ago but it’s only been recently that I’ve actually went on Ebay and picked up a few bargains. First off this diorama came unboxed but that isn’t an issue for me as I am not too fond of the packaging. These sets were only available from UFO machines in Japan (claw machine) back when IX was released as far as I am aware. There are three altogether in this series of dioramas and this one depicts Zidane the theif and the loyal knight Steiner, two of my favourite characters. The build of the figure is plastic and it’s really light but it’s painted really well which surprised me. It looks like a really quality piece from any distance, it’s only when you pick it up you realise just how cheap it is! If only they had made larger resin versions! But this isn’t an issue; IX was my first FF game and doesn’t get any love when it comes to merch so this piece holds a special place in my heart.

Zidane & Garnet Diorama
Zidane & Vivi Diorama

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