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FFIX Zidane & Garnet Banpresto Diorama

I absolutely love everything about this diorama. If you haven’t read my previous post about Zidane and Steiner, I’ll recap for you because these are practically the same (minus the scene depicted). These dioramas could only be obtained from UFO machines (claw machines) in Japan around the launch of IX. There are three altogether (links are below to the other two). It is made from plastic and has little weight to it but the paintwork and the detail on the figure is enough to make it look quality. There is even a rough texture to the wall and I love the detail of the vines.

For those familiar with the game, you’ll recognise this as the moment where Zidane and Garnet share a moment at the top of Lindblum Castle early on in the game. It was probably one of my favourite scenes from the game and this little gem of a diorama captures all the magic of the moment perfectly. Although I’d love a larger resin version of this, I can’t say a single bad thing about the detail in this.

Zidane & Steiner Diorama
Zidane & Vivi Diorama

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