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FFX Play Arts Yuna

I brought Yuna along with Tidus unboxed and as seen in the photos. I think the detail is lovely on her but the thing which ruins this figure for me is her arms. They are just so poor. They have a ‘pin’ type joint (I don’t know the technical name) and there is a reason why this type of joint doesn’t appear on any other Play Arts series (as far as I am aware!): her arms just drop off when trying to pose her (in the photographs I have resorted to blu-tack!). She is also very limited with articulation compared to newer Play Arts models. Her dress restricts her legs (although I can’t be mad at this because her dress is so detailed) and the issue with the arms obviously limits the articulation even more.

On the plus side Square have given her, her blue and green eyes which was a very nice touch.

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