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FFXIII Shiva Sisters Play Arts Kai

Ever since this was announced I have wanted this figure but I had almost completely given up on it due to it’s very high price point. By chance another collector was selling his and I bagged this at a very good price. To be honest I can’t believe I waited so long to buy it because it is quite simply the nicest figure I own. To begin – it is huge. You can see how big Lightning is next to it to get an idea of it’s insane size. Remember this figure was made for Snow (not only a very tall character but that series of figures were made a few cm taller than other Play Arts). I was a little worried about the assembly between the sisters and the bike but its extremely easy. You just place the figures together in a rather provocative pose (scissor sisters was all that was going through my mind! -don’t lie, you were thinking of it too!) and then some small pins on their legs click into the body of the other and that’s it! Very easy! Then it just takes some positioning of their arms. As with all Play Arts you have to be gentle when posing them or assembling them as they are fragile. I have found the figures are a pain to pose on their own. The stand which holds their weighty wheels doesn’t seem quite tall enough, I had difficulty making the girls stand up straight. I much prefer the bike look anyway, it completely blows Cloud’s bikes out of the water! I will take some size comparisons at some point and as soon as I get Snow’s alternative hands from his box in storage I’ll get some snaps of him on it too.

Just for those who are interested, the bike is very well balanced. It doesn’t fall over like Cloud’s ones do (for me anyway) and the wheels are fully working.

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