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FFXIII-2 Play Arts Kai Lightning

I own so many Play Arts figures yet have barely published any yet so apologies for that! Here is my Lightning figure. Sadly I don’t have my XIII Lightning here for a comparison but I will be putting up some photographs of that at some point in the future!

Lightning looks very polished in this figure. The detail is outstanding and reflects the very painful price (it would not surprise me if the word Kai translated to double price in Japanese!). Like with all Play Arts, this one is very fiddly to set up. She doesn’t hold her sword properly which is annoying but her shield clips on so at least that holds fine. The detail of feathers is done very well. It is made out of a flexible plastic and really gives a flowing effect. I am finding bits falling off of her (most notably her arm although this was actually good as it made it easier to fit her shield) so I have to be very delicate with her. There is also no stand included so I’m also finding it really hard to pose her properly too.

Overall if you own any Play Arts then you’re probably aware of the little issues they usually have – this one is no different. In saying that though this particular one is one of my favourites so far.

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