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FFVII Limited Edition Original Soundtrack 1997

-Oh my god- sums up this OST. It is so beautiful I don’t even know where to start!

Right I’ll begin with the damage – the booklet this comes with is supposed to have the meteor logo on the cover but when Square designed this they made the meteor logo out of a type of glue. This melts and sticks to whatever is next to it if not stored well. It is very common among these OSTs and this one suffered from this unfortunate problem. This means the front page of the booklet has been removed (very carefully). You probably won’t even notice it in the photographs it was removed so well. Fortunately the meteor glue only stuck to the inside of the slipcase and didn’t damage the rest of the item. I was in two minds about buying this OST with damage but in the end it was such a good price (compared to others on Ebay) that I went for it regardless. It just means I don’t have to worry about how I store it in future.

The slipcase itself is very solid and gives the contents good protection. Inside there is the booklet with the missing meteor cover. This is housed with screens of the games and lovely photographs of the sound programmes used to make the music, as well as a piano and musical scores. Also next to this is a box which contains the 4CDs. This opens up like you would open a book (ie. not a lid to a box which I was expecting). Liner notes in here have some fantastic Amano artwork and track listings. This is a Japanese set so there is also commentary but alas I cannot read Japanese so I can’t comment on the content.

When I’ve seen this set on Ebay for £120+ I had always been a bit reluctant to go for it. Only now I own it I realise how stupid I was to wait so long to buy one. This is honestly the nicest OST I’ve brought. It both looks and feels high quality and to top it all off the music is brilliant!


  1. I LOVE this! I love the development shots, especially the drafts and chicken scratches on the manuscript paper 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog – very nice to meet you!

    • This one of my favorite OSTs as well! I wish Square had made a version like this for all the others. I agree the development shots really add a lot to the booklet!

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