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FFX Tidus Pendant

Iconic necklaces of both Squall and Tidus first got me into the idea of FF jewellery but it has taken me years to actually buy them (or one of them anyway). Here we have Tidus’s necklace straight from the EU Square Enix store. Now I am going to be completely blunt here… If I didn’t buy it direct from Square I would have sent it back thinking it was a fake. The necklace looks chunky but doesn’t have much weight to it. Its so rediculously shiny and it just looks cheap. It is marked SV925 on the back but like I said earlier, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t order direct from Square. The other marking on the necklace is ‘copyright SQUARE’ instead of the usual SE. I wonder if this necklace was developed before the merger with Enix?

I dislike the chain as well. The links are large due to it being a mens necklace but again they are so shiny! Even the Zanarkand Abes symbol is thin (but curved to make it have depth) and has no more detail from what I’ve seen in fakes. It is a perfect shape and size (albeit possibly a bit small for some people? I like the size anyway). It is just a real shame there is no wow factor like all my other FF pieces had.

Things I don’t mind about it is the very long chain. It just about fits over my head without having to undo it. It actually means I get to wear two FF necklaces at the same time without it looking bad so a plus from me (though my friend is going to find a shorter chain for hers so its personal preference I suppose).

So overall the necklace looks and feels cheap. I’ve worn my Serah pendant out to formal occassions and have had countless people comment on how beautiful the necklace is, the same for the Loveless locket. Even Lightning’s pendant has caught a few peoples eye (dispite the cheap chain on that). I am not sure whether its because this is a mens necklace, whether it was because it was made back before the merger or whether Square was just being lazy, but either way I highly advise you spend your money on one of the other far higher quality things in their store!


  1. Jess

    Hi! Is this for sale? I’m looking forward in buying exactly like this one. How much is the price when you buy it? I’m from the Philippines and it’s very rare to find this. Although there are some imitation and they don’t look so good and I wouldn’t even bother myself in buying it. However, I’m interested on this one. Please send me an email for the info. 😀

    • Unfortunately it’s not for sale. I’d actually recommend not buying a legit copy of this necklace because it does look really poor in person. It looks cheap and really doesn’t justify the £100+ pricetag. I’m normally very against fakes but in this case I am making an exception because the original piece looks fake anyway :/ …but I have sent you an email with more information regarding FF jewellery. I would 100% recommend every other piece I’ve brought though!

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