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FFXIII Serah’s Earrings

I have always wanted a pair of FF themed earrings but the trouble with the majority of them is that they are marketed for men and/or they only have one earring included so I held off for a while. I was pleasantly surprised to find Serah’s earrings a while back which come in a pair. They aren’t as iconic as her necklace and I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t even remember them from in game but they are extremely beautiful and delicate. The detail of the cat is subtle yet striking. The loose hanging tail has a cubic zirconia stone which catches the light nicely. For me they are a perfect size – big enough to make an impression but not ridiculous. Everyone in my family noticed when I wore them and commented on how lovely they were.

I have one major complaint however… I am so disappointed these are clip on. I knew this when I brought them but I will warn you are they quite painful. I have never worn a pair like this before so I’ll explain: you place them so they grip around your earlobe and then twist the pin at the back to tighten it against your ear. I am extremely paranoid about them falling off (for the record they did fall off a couple of times) so I tightened them a lot. This did make my ears feel sore after a little while. Because of this I won’t ever be able to wear them out without worrying about them which is such a shame because they are truly stunning. I hope Square one day releases pierced versions of their earrings.

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