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Distant Worlds, London 5th November 2011 Swag

Please see my review and photos of the night here. I have made this a separate post to show the swag I picked up at the concert.

First off I was extremely impressed with Square Enix and the Distant Worlds team for bringing a good set of merch at reasonable prices. I am not going to say they were cheap – far from it. But they were significantly nicer and better value than the rip-off merch I brought at the Zelda Symphony show also in London a month earlier. For the record, I am not anti-Zelda, I love the series dearly but Distant Worlds really outshined Nintendo’s shabby efforts.

To begin I will talk about some items on sale. There were CDs from many of the most popular main series games, ie. FFVII, VIII, X, XIII and Advent Children Reunion Tracks. Also there were programmes, a glossy artbook, a live DVD/album combo of the Japanese concert as well as the CD on its own. Both Distant Worlds albums, a Distant Worlds tshirt which sadly didn’t have dates on the back. I couldn’t see any posters or plushies. It’s a shame they didn’t have a stock of moogles and cactuars because I am sure they would have sold extremely well. I don’t know what sort of commission the Royal Albert Hall take on this merch but I would love to see Square Enix Products have a stall open next time. There is a captive audience of 5000 Final Fantasy fanatics – I am sure they’d make pots of cash.

The items I purchased were the programme (£5), DVD/CD combo of the Japanese show (£20), the artbook (£15) and tshirt (£20). In the end I didn’t actually need to buy the programme because I was given one after the show at the meet and greet but I wasn’t sure this was going to happen and for £5 it was worth it to pick up a spare just in case.

As I said before, the Distant Worlds tshirt had no tour dates on the back but it is a nice charcoal-grey colour and I like the logo on the front a lot. The programme was nice, not as fancy as the Zelda Symphony one but this one was more detailed, despite it being printed on fairly thin paper.

The artbook I brought impulsively because I love those sorts of things… and more importantly I spotted some Amano work in it! The book is printed on glossy paper and is a very odd shape (see the photos below). Each page shows a FF game, a short description and some screens/art and release dates of the game in each territory (EU, US and Jap). Sadly the Amano art was only used for the earlier games and the older ones had their CGI graphics. At the end it lists all the venues they have played at and the Royal Albert Hall has been added to the bottom! I have taken photographs of each page below. I apologise for the glare but the paper is so glossy that it was so difficult to take nice photos.




    • I must admit I wasn’t even sure if XIV is still being released for PS3 after this majorly long delay! I would like to get it but I think I’ll be too into GW2 :/

      I haven’t been posting for a while; I’m working full time for a year as part of my degree so I’ve been really busy juggling that and my portfolio I have to write on top of it! I got spurred on to post a bit more the past few days after Square Enix Products featured my blog on their FB page though its having a negative effect on my bank balance! A little over the top spending on the FF merch front right now. Doing my best to resist but it’s hard. Look forward to a Tidus pendant coming soon to the blog XD

      How are you getting on anyway?

  1. And I might be too into Ni No Kuni, lol. Have you heard about this game coming out for PS3? Looks so good!

    Wow, looks like we are on a similar track. I am halfway finished in completing my Master’s, I got a job at my University and I start in July, Pays for the year’s tuition which is wonderful I’ll be graduating in May 2013.

    Your blog is about to have its 1 year anniversary, congrats! Double congrats on being featured on SE’s Facebook page!

    I hope to blog more over the summer if I can. Looking forward to more of your posts. Do you have any Final Fantasy clothing? I’ve always wanted to buy some.

    I don’t have much video game clothing, I have a Pac-Man, Mario, and an ilomilo shirt which is my personal favorite.

    I am excited for Final Fantasy X HD, I have a Vita and may get it for the Vita 🙂

    • I haven’t heard of that game but I will have to check it out.

      There isn’t much FF clothing. Recently they brought out some Dissidia and Advent Children tshirts but they are black and I find that colour so boring! They both have a nice design on them though, the AC one is Clouds delivery serive and also one of his bike Fenrir and the Dissidia one has the weapons of all the characters on it which is quite cool.

      You should definitely get a Vita, amazing handhelds! I’m loving mine! I’ll probably end up with X for both Vita and PS3 knowing me. I just wish they’d hurry up and release it. Or at the very least give PS1 playback on Vita so I can get back into my classics.

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