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FFXIII Serah’s Engagement Pendant

I’ve been after this for ages and it finally came back into stock on the Square Enix Store! This is the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever owned. For those that have played till the end of XIII (stop reading now if you haven’t!) will recognise this as Cocoon encased in crystal. It comes with the pendant and a ring which rests freely on the top of Cocoon. I generally don’t wear the ring on top as I don’t want my necklace to get scratched. Inside Cocoon’s shell is a diamond shaped crystal.

These photos don’t really do it justice but take a look anyway. I really cannot recommend this more highly.


    • When I asked whether they would get Snow’s necklace back in, Square Enix Product page on Facebook said they were getting new stock of silver in April/May. Let’s hope both necklaces are restocked!

  1. itzMatt

    I’m so jealous D:<

    I can't find this anymore and deargodI'mbroke but it's so pretty @.@

    I'm hoping to go to Japan at the end of this year so MAYBE there will be something to appease me at their Artnia store -crosses all 10 fingers-

      • I would probably say yes, it is very feminine. That being said you may be able to pull it off like Snow does. It is a beautiful pendent nevertheless and well worth having.

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