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FFXIII Elixir & Trading Arts Mini

I first ordered one of these from Play Asia as a one off order but a few weeks later I ordered a second. Once I had two I had a bit of a thing about completing the set so I hopped onto ebay and picked up the other four I didn’t have. When you open the box up there is one elixir can which has a standard FFXIII Lightning and Snow picture – this is the same for all boxes. The best way to describe this drink is a fizzy bubblegum flavour though I think it’s supposed to be watermelon flavour. I found it completely repulsive. If you ever import these (or any other type of elixir) get the seller to drain the cans first, that’s what I do most times to lower postage.

You also get a random Trading Arts Mini figure. There are six in total and they have good detail even though they don’t all fit on their little plastic platforms properly. This would be really expensive to buy the packs in bulk in the hope of getting a set.

The set includes

  1. Lightning
  2. Snow
  3. Vanille
  4. Sazh
  5. Fang
  6. Hope

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