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FFXIII Limited Edition Soundtrack 2010

Close to when XIII was released I had a bit of a hyped impulse buying problem. This was the result. Play Asia had already sold out of this so I ordered from Yes Asia and I certainly didn’t regret it. This boxset contains the original soundtrack (the case which has the four discs) a bonus disc called Episode Zero and a lovely artbook with notes from the composer Masahsi Hamauzu, the producer Yoshinori Kitase and the director Motomu Toriyama. It also has three concept art pieces by Amano which was the highlight of the whole artbook. The rest of it contains screens from the game and other promotional artwork – I’ve photographed all the pages for you to see below.

Episode Zero is a prequel story in Japanese but there are translations online. There is a book from but this version is voice acted. It came in an unusual foil wrapping.

The main highlight of the boxset – the music. It does not disappoint. If you’ve played the game then you can understand how good it is. I’ve taken a photo of the track listings so I won’t type them out here, there’s over 80 between the four CDs!


  1. Final Fantasy artwork has always been great, I’ve actually never played FFXIII but very nice. I’ll have to play the game for the music alone.. though I doubt it will play on my 16-bit SNES lol 😛

    • I really loved XIII but it’s a bit hit or miss sadly. Play it with an open mind and you shouldn’t find it too bad. As you say though, it really is worth it for the music! I was very surprised that it lived up to Nobuo’s classic pieces.

      I have quite a bit of XIII-2 merch to post as well as some more Serah’s jewelery from XIII. I just never get the tie to sit and photograph my stuff!

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