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FFVII Advent Children Complete BluRay & FFXIII Trial

I brought this from Play Asia approximately 8 months before FFXIII was released (a little less if you go by the Jap launch). This was quite a pricy set and I was in two minds about buying it at the time. Impulse buying won out in the end and I must say it was a very good purchase. It has the full length version of Advent Children with the extra scenes which were added. The main film has both Japanese and English audio (though I can’t for the life of me remember if it has English subs). It also has an extra anime style episode called ‘On the Way to a Smile’ and features Denzel, one of the children from the main film. It does not contain a copy of ‘The Last Order’ which is a major disappointment. For those who don’t know, The Last Order is an anime style episode containing Zack, Cloud and Sephiroth and takes place during a few of the main games flashbacks. This was released with collectable versions of the original release of Advent Children.

Also included on the disc is a summary of FFVII’s story and the compilations. As much as I would love this, it is only in Japanese (as is Denzel’s episode) which is a disappointment.

FFXIII Trial Version – now this was what I really wanted to sample. Due to the PS3 being region free, I had no trouble booting this up and playing straight away. It takes place from the very start of the game where Lightning and Sazh arrive at the Hanging Edge. The touch-ups to the final release are very noticeable since playing the demo, the design team made Lightning look more feminine and human in the final game. Also in the demo, Lightning for example could swipe her sword and the enemy would go flying into the air – in the main game you had you get a few more ATB slots until she could do that. Apart from these little details there was not much different. Everything from the voice acting to the menus were in Japanese which I can’t read so I can’t comment too much on that. Stagger also wasn’t implemented in the demo, suggesting that was a late addition to the game.

Despite the high price, this little set was worth it. They still stock it at Play Asia, although the price has increased even more and the bonus of having the FFXIII demo is no longer is worth it.

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