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FFXIII Lightning’s Pendant

This was another majorly impulsive purchase at the lead up to the launch of XIII. I really loved this necklace and it’s unique style so I instantly went for it when it went on sale at Square’s online store. It’s a silver necklace which copies Lightning’s ingame one perfectly. There are three little transparent stones in the ‘track’ which runs through the middle. Two are clear while the middle one is pink and they are free move up and down. It’s hard to explain but it’s very novel. The chain is disappointing as in my opinion it makes it look cheap. It’s one of those sorts of chains you generally find on fake jewellery but it is very similar to what Lightning wears in game so I suppose it was used to look as authentic as possible. On the back LIGHTNING S.E SV925 is engraved.

Two pictures show Lightning’s pendant with Squall’s ring and my Loveless locket.


  1. Unfortunately not. I use this site to keep a record of all my merch as opposed from selling it. To be honest the condition of the pendant is not very good now anyway. I’ve worn it a hell of a lot.

    If you have a look at Square’s online store they may have one. If it’s out of stock it is likely it will be restocked again. Usually items they don’t plan on restocking are taken down completely from the site. (links can be found in Want a collection like mine?)

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