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FFVII Crisis Core Loveless Locket

This was the first piece of FF jewellery I ever brought and I wore it constantly for years! Even now I still wear it out on special occasions. I brought it from Tokyo Toys at the time although now I would only buy jewellery direct from Square Enix’s online store. Its silver with S.E SV925 engraved inside the locket while Loveless is engraved on the front. It has stunning detail and I have to admit it’s smaller than I had initially thought but thankfully I don’t wear huge pieces of jewellery so it suits me perfectly. It has two cubic zirconia stones at two of the corners although it’s hard to make out in my pictures. I had trouble zooming in as my camera lost focus when I got too close. The box is black with a papery leather effect with FINAL FANTASY VII and LOVELESS LOCKET on the front in silver. I will add pictures of it eventually.

The last picture shows my Loveless locket, Squall’s ring and Lightning’s pendant.


    • Sadly I wouldn’t. It was my first piece of FF jewellery and is extremely rare now. You could try Yahoo Japan or set up an alert on Ebay. It might take some patience but if you keep at it I’m sure you’ll find one! Good luck!

  1. Angie

    I finally found one of these after playing detective for months. When sellers were asking for good pictures so they’d know what to look for, I sent them here. Thank you so much for helping me get my first piece of FF jewelry!

    • Congratz! It’s a fantastic piece isn’t it? Just be careful about opening the locket too much – I wore it solid for a few years and have worn away the clip a bit so it can now sometimes fall open while being worn 😦 Oh well, it is still one of my favourite pieces along with Serah’s Pendant!

      • Angie

        Really? Hmm… there’s a jewler who lives near me who fixes clasps like that pretty cheap. I wonder if you could find one in your area? It makes it a bit thinner but they can make it stay closed again for you. I’m just happy I found one whether it closes or not! =)

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