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Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts

I’m not a huge collector of Kingdom Hearts merch but around the time I was playing Birth By Sleep a massive bundle of Play Arts and Formation Arts popped up on eBay. Unable to resist I bidded and won! The Formation Arts are the western release and are unboxed. They would usually come in blister packaging so the only way to display them is to rip the box open sadly. Dispite this though they come fully built, have a nice weight to them and are solid – things aren’t going to fall off and so long as you’re careful they shouldn’t break. They don’t feel cheap. I do have two Japanese Formation Arts which are the complete opposite to the ones I ordered here. The Japanese ones come randomly in a sealed box (not blister) and in pieces so you have to build them. They fall apart easily and really do look cheap. I do make an effort to avoid the Japanese Formation Arts now. The only bonus of the Jap ones is that they usually have an extra hidden character which isn’t released to the rest of the world.

As you can see from the pictures, I have a bit of a ragtag bundle of figures from all the different releases they’ve had. I don’t plan on collecting or buying anymore, hence why I haven’t bothered to split them up into their different volumes and release several blogs talking about them more. Sora and Cloud are my favourite ones so they have a few more photos than the otheres.

Vol 1
-Sora – KH1 version with crown

Vol 2
-Goofy – Broken steeple
-Oogie Boogie – Not shown but I have a Japanese version

Vol 3
-Sora – KH2 version
-Jack Sparrow – Western version shown but I do also have a Japanese version of this which isn’t shown
-Mini Mouse

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