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FFXIII Play Arts Kai Vol 2 Hope

Just like the Lightning figure, Hope is very high quality with a lot of detail. He couldn’t seem to hold as many positions as Lightning but overall this figure is again much better than the previous Play Arts.

I’m only uploading Lightning and Hope at the moment but I will upload the others in a few weeks. As with most FF merch I use/display it so I don’t have pictures of the box. I also tried a different technique with my photos for this so hopefully they look a bit nicer.

Vol 1:
1 – Lightning
2 – Snow Villiers
3 – Oerba Dia Vanille

Vol 2:
4 – Sazh Katzroy
5 – Hope Estheim
6 – Oerba Yun Fang

Vol 3:
7 – Serah Farron – I have yet to get this one!


  1. misschan

    hello! love the post. u have all the FF game console? that’s interesting i never had any chance to buy the limited one. do u sell any of those?

    • No, I don’t have even close to all the FF consoles released. Square have gone a little limited edition crazy in Japan! There are two Dissidia PSP’s, Crystal Chronicles DSi, Revenant Wings DS Lite, FFIII DS Lite (which I do own and will blog about soon), FFIV GBA Micro and proberly a few more I’ve forgotten or haven’t heard about! As I use the things I buy I generally try and only buy one console/handheld although I think I could easily be swayed to get another PS3 if there were a Versus XIII edition!

      Unfortunately I don’t sell them no, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with them! But if you’re after something I could probably find a place which sell them, although they are not cheap.

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