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FFXIII Play Arts Kai Vol 1 Lightning Ver 1

I’ve had the FFXIII Play Arts Kai set for a while and they are really good quality – far better than the old Play Arts. I’ve found the characters can take a lot more poses and the detail is just beautiful. Almost everything is perfect with Lightning except one of her feet doesn’t move which is a shame (a fault unique to my model I suspect). Also her shoulder joint looks a little weird. Regardless though everything else is great and I do not regret buying these at all.

I’ve heard version 2 makes some changes to her face but I haven’t bothered to purchase one. If I do ever get a version 2 copy though I’ll put up a comparison. To be honest I think Lightning’s face looks fine as it is.

I’m only uploading Lightning and Hope at the moment but I will upload the others in a few weeks. As with most FF merch I use/display it so I don’t have pictures of the box. I also tried a different technique with my photos for this so hopefully they look a bit nicer.

Vol 1:
1 – Lightning
2 – Snow Villiers
3 – Oerba Dia Vanille

Vol 2:
4 – Sazh Katzroy
5 – Hope Estheim
6 – Oerba Yun Fang

Vol 3:
7 – Serah Farron – I have yet to get this one!

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