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FFXIII Limited Edition Lightning PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller

It’s taken far too long but FINALLY I got my hands on one of these Lightning controllers! These were released in China exclusively alongside the launch of FFXIII out there and they match the Chinese/Japanese Lightning edition PS3 console also sold at the same time. For some reason these weren’t available in Japan for reasons I cannot even begin to guess. Usually stuff like this is Japan exclusive.

I actually took a risk with this unit and brought from a Hong Kong seller on eBay. These are rare even on eBay and being the only seller with these in stock I just took a gamble which thankfully went alright. I originally (thought I had) brought the PS3 controller on its own but it seems the seller was kind enough to send me the bundle with a Chinese copy of the game – Now whether this is the standard release package I don’t know. I do know they made a deluxe version of this which includes the controller, game, 1st CD of the soundtrack, an art book, some avatar costume downloads on the PSN and a HDMI cable which came in a lovely box. Before this I was under the impression there was just one other version which was the controller on its own – so whether this is true and there are 3 versions of this controller set I cannot say. Because it’s so rare I’ve been having trouble confirming this.

The controller itself is a standard white PS3 Dual Shock 3 but with the added little art of Lightning on the bottom right in the same shiny pink style as the limited PS3. It also has FINAL FANTASY XIII written in black near the charging port as shown in the pictures below. The packaging makes a really nice display case which is tempting me into not using this and just leaving it in the box. Most FF bits I generally use but my white PS3 controller is so dirty and I don’t really want this to get in the same state. The game includes no avatar downloads but it is Japanese voice acted with English subs and text!

The last picture shows the controller next to my Lightning PS3.

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