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FFXIII Blue Label Japanese Odin & Shiva Sisters T-Shirts

These are my first pieces of FF clothing and I couldn’t wait to get them! From the first minute I saw them I was after them but unfortunately they sold out fast around launch and it was only a few weeks ago I spotted they had come back in stock on Play-Asia. I quickly ordered one of each. Concluding the Japanese tend to be on the petit size, I went for the men’s ones as opposed from the women’s. They only had large left in one of them so I ended up buying a medium in both. I was really worried they wouldn’t fit but now they’ve arrived they are just about the right size (for a size 12 female) although they are more clingy than I had initially expected. I also wasn’t expecting the Shiva Sisters one to be so creamy – this is a good thing as I am not fond of bleached white backgrounds which the Odin shirt has. These really are beautiful and contemporary clothing – It’s subtle and only someone else who’s familiar with the game would notice you.

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