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FFXIII Limited Edition XBox 360 Console

I’m not a huge fan of limited edition consoles released outside Japan because they always feel… dull. Which is exactly what this one is.

I picked it up completely by accident when my original launch unit got it’s second RROD outside of warrenty. That was my perfect excuse anyway =) Because I had ordered it near the end of it’s shelf-life I wasn’t eligible for the free faceplate. Basically all this unit was, was a white elite phat with FINAL FANTASY XIII engraved into the 250GB HDD. It came with 2 wireless white controllers, a headset (I forget which colour but I’m sure it’s black) and a standard copy of FFXIII for 360. It also included some digital downloads like the chocobo avatar pet and some character clothes. It was so boring I decided to scoop a faceplate off eBay. Once that was on it was much better, but seriously Square why couldn’t you put some graphics on the side pannels of the system? Or at least make it a unique colour like the Halo limited console.

FFXIII faceplates are really cheap on eBay now and really easy to pick up if you fancy a Lightning style 360.

I apologise for having no shots of the box. I brought a lot of my collection a long time ago and often my boxes go into storage to make a bit of room in the house! If I ever dig it out I’ll update here!

The last picture shows my 360 next to my limited edition PS3.

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