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FFXIII Limited Edition Japanese PS3 Console

The Japanese really know how to make a limited edition console! I previously owned a 60GB phat and I had been wanting to upgrade to a slim for a while and this was the perfect excuse! I ordered this impulsively about a week before the European launch of FFXIII from eBay as it had sold out in Japan by this point. I was nervous I admit but thankfully it arrived in one piece and working. There were two releases of this console, one in Japan and the other in China/rest of Asia. Although there is no difference between them both (apart from the DVD and Bluray possibly) I prefer Japanese merch so I made sure to get the slightly more expensive Japanese unit here.

Words can’t really describe how lovely it is. It doesn’t feel or look cheap. The image of Lightning is shiny and looks light or dark in different lights. This is a great effect due to the curvature of the PS3 unit. It came bundled with one white PS3 controller and a copy of the game with a western release cover except Lightning had a metallic effect on the case too. The box has a nice picture of Lightning riding Odin on the front. Standard release promotional art for the game – nothing special or new but it does look lovely on the box. Overall it’s a really beautiful piece and I’d highly recommend it! Unfortunately the only place to get this now is eBay and they are much more expensive than they were last year.

I apologise I have no shots of the box or game case. They are together in storage at the moment but if I dig them out I’ll add some pics. The controller I just completely forgot to include but it is just a standard PS3 white controller – (which I’ve now included in the last picture).

The second to last picture shows my PS3 sitting next to my limited edition 360. The last picture shows my PS3 sitting next to my Lightning Dual Shock 3 bundle.

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