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FFVII Crisis Core Limited Edition Japanese PSP

I remember first seeing these consoles on the internet, I was in an internet cafe in Cyprus. At first I tried to resist but it was impossible. A picture of Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth on the back was too much! I quickly ordered one from an import site but I forget where. I think it may have been Renchi possibly.

This PSP unit is one of my favourite handhelds. It has really nice detail and it’s simple enough not to be overbearing but also bold enough to be noticed. The box it came in was a ‘shoebox’ style and had a Japanese copy of Crisis Core with a metalic style cover featuring Zack and his buster sword. It’s an absolutely beautiful cover. The buster sword keychain was included too. For preorders of this item some limited edition non sale earphones were given out. I was fortunate enough to get a pair.

This style of PSP has been released in both Japan, America and Europe. The difference is that the western release does not include the buster sword and the units are not numbered. In Japan 77,777 of these units were made (mine being no. 47731). Also the western release boxes are not as nice. They are very plain and just seem… dull. They don’t feel special. That’s not to say the actual PSP’s are much different though. Aside from the number on the back they look mostly identical so if you were really after one of these units you could probably pick up a western one from eBay for a resonable price.


    • That PSP case sounds really interesting, can’t say I’ve seen it before. Might have to hunt around for one! Do love a bit of VII merch! (You’ll understand when I start uploading my VII collection!)

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