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FFVIII Limited Edition Japanese OST 1999

I was fortunate enough to find an original limited edition FFVIII OST released back in 1999 on eBay last week! Usually these items sell for £60+ on buy it now but I was lucky enough to pick one up through bidding for £27 including postage! A steal! At launch this would have retailed in Japan for approximately £30 (in one of the pictures you’ll see it says 3873 yen actually on the item). These aren’t the most rare soundtracks – the limited FFVII is much rarer, as is the original FFIX and X but this item is still lovely. It’s designed as a book, with 2 CD’s sitting at the front and 2 at the back. There is an interview with Nobuo inside (if only I could read Japanese!) and the track listing in English with a few other notes about a few of the songs. This is coupled with CG scenes from some of the best parts of the game. It’s unfortunate there is no concept art here but all in all this is a great little OST. The sound quality from the songs are brilliant and I had forgotten just how much I loved the music to this game. Listening to it is making me need to play it again!

In my opinion the pictures don’t really do it justice – it looks far better in person than what the photos make out.

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